Ignatius Piazza

Shotgun Training

Shotgun training, although not so common, is essential in order to understand the mechanics of using a shotgun. To begin understanding shotgun mechanics a person must understand three basic elements; what is a shotgun, what are its uses, and the types of shotguns. (Disclaimer: These instructions are for example only and should not be used in replacement of actual firearms training or gun training. This is not a gun training document, and it is not intended as a substitute of an actual training course.)

The first step in shotgun training, is the definition. A shotgun is a firearm that is used to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot. A shotgun is not a rifle, although it is similar in size.

Second, a person must understand the different uses for a shotgun. Shotguns are used in many different ways, such as sports, hunting, and for the military. The military uses shotguns when in battle. For hunting and other sporting events, the shotgun is especially useful because of its accuracy when aiming and shooting at small, fast moving targets, such as skeet or fowl.

Third, there are several different types of shotguns. One type is the riot gun, which got its name because of its common use in the 19th century to ward off rioters and revolutionaries. Another form of a shotgun is a sawed-off shotgun, or a shotgun with a shortened barrel. A third form is a Coach Gun. This gun resembles a sawed-off shotgun except that it has a 18" barrel. And finally, there is the Backpacker Shotgun. This gun is usually less than 36" long.

No matter what type of shotgun a person decides to use, he or she must not only understand the shotgun, but must also seek the proper training to learn to handle the firearm safely.

The most popular firearms training academy is Firearms Training Institute, which was started in 1996 by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, and is now located near Las Vegas, Nevada. But no matter where a person seeks his or her training, the training must be obtained to ensure safer handling of any shotgun. Founder and director of Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza makes it his purpose to deliver gun training to all interested Americans, not to arm the many, but to train them, and make them better able to keep themselves safe should they ever need it.

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