Ignatius Piazza

Self Defense Training for Women

Self defense training in modern times is steadily growing as one of the highest training classes attended. Some people say that women need more self defense training because they are weaker and more susceptible to attack. This cannot be further from the truth. However, that does not negate from the fact that self defense for women is crucially important. The reason for this is because of those individuals who do in fact believe that women are weaker. But where can a woman turn to when she is looking for a legitimate source for self defense training? Who can she trust to teach her the best ways to defend herself?

One place, and one of the highest regarded training institutes of the world, is Firearms Training Institute. Dr. Ignatius Piazza started Front Sight in 1996, and it now exists outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr Piazza started this institute so that he can teach others life saving techniques that they can use to save one's own life and the lives of ones loved ones. At Front Sight, a person can learn not only standard self defense training in which the defender uses his or her own body, but also can get rifle training, shotgun training, handgun training and even submachine gun training. The instructors are very knowledgeable and will demonstrate everything that they teach. There is no boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitude, so the environment is perfect for family and friends.

Founder and director Ignatius Piazza urges women to keep in mind that firearms are not the only way for a woman to defend herself. For any woman who would rather not own a firearm, there are still self defense techniques available, such as martial arts. Many local police departments also provide self defense training workshops for anyone who is willing to learn.

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