Ignatius Piazza

Front Sight Features World-Class Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle Training

Rifle training is but one of the many skill sets that Front Sight offers mastery in. Front Sight Institute, the world's first shooting school resort, is located near Las Vegas, Nevada. Front Sight aims to become the world's first residential community based around, not golf courses, swimming pools or racquet courts, but firing ranges and other firearms training equipment.

While some call it the Disneyland for shooters, the Pebble Beach of responsible gun users, others call it great. The students of Front Sight, average middle-class Americans from all over, were interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle. And they all had only good things to say.

Even local officials from the nearby cities and counties are calling Front Sight a good thing. The local county Sheriff, Wade Lieseke, sends his deputies there to receive America's finest rifle training and shotgun training. "This is Nevada, and the majority of the citizens are armed," said Nye County Sheriff Lieseke, "This is a free state."

As for safety, Nye County Manager Jerry McKnight put it best: "Have you been there? You could fire a mortar out there and not hit anything."

So with a green light from the citizens of the nearest town, Pahrump, and the local officials, Front Slight has truly taken off, delivering the world's finest firearms training. Front Sight does and will continue to offer handgun training, shotgun training, unarmed self defense training, submachine gun training and rifle training, at all levels of skill and expertise.

The 20,000-odd students that Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, has trained (along with this cadre of top-notch instructors), all have high expectations for Front Sight. Whether they're one of the 50 "First Family" subscribers, who have paid as much as $350,000 for a lot of land and a lifetime membership to Front Sight, or just weekend warriors who want to walk the way of the weapon, they expect only the finest firearms training from Front Sight. And it delivers. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight regularly and reliably deliver firearms training that surpasses that offered to the majority of professionals who use a weapon in their line of work.

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