Ignatius Piazza

Battles For Guns, In the Name of Guns, But Not With Guns

Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Firearms Training Institute, America's largest shooting school. Front Sight delivers gun training to more students every year than all other gun training schools in America combined. The firearms training offered by Front Sight, located near Las Vegas, Nevada, ranges from handgun training to unarmed self defense training, and everything in between, like rifle training and submachine gun training. Front Sight is the place to be for firearms training, and Dr. Ignatius Piazza has made it his goal to take away any and all stigma associated with owning a gun, or receiving gun training. He draws on the example of his students to prove his point.

His firearms classes, he noted, draw people from California to Georgia. "This is not about building a compound for gun nuts or a bunch of people running around in camouflage talking about overthrowing the government," Dr. Piazza said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. "These are all rational, reasonable people, business owners, law-abiding citizens and law enforcement all here for the same reason," he said. "They want to become more proficient with a firearm so that should they ever need to defend themselves, they have the ability. There's nothing wrong with that."

Anti-gun people who expect to find a bunch of terrorists running around the desert will be disappointed, according to Raymond Lee, one of Ignatius Piazza's students – a 45-year-old surgical nurse. "The nut cases can't afford it, and they don't want the instructors to come down on them and show them their flaws," he said in the same San Francisco Chronicle article. Not only can one rely upon never seeing psychos or weirdos at Front Sight, Front Sight also has no affiliation with any gun rights organizations, according to Piazza. "Front Sight is privately owned and operated. I own it," he says. "We have no affiliation with the National Rifle Association or any other group." How refreshing! To have any large organization without deep-pocket affiliation is a nice idea, one that is rare in America.

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