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Gun Training: Loading and Unloading the Double Action Revolver

Many believe that gun training is the same for all types of firearms. This however is not true. Individuals must understand each type of firearm individually, whether it be shotgun training, rifle training, or handgun training, Firearms Training Institute, located near Las Vegas, Nevada, which was started in 1996 by Ignatius Piazza, the worlds second Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate Holder, is the place to go to get your training.

One such gun is the double action revolver. To properly operate this handgun, one must understand how to load and unload the firearm. This is done with the following steps. (Disclaimer: These instructions are for example only and should not be used in replacement of actual firearms training or gun training. This is not a gun training document, and it is not intended as a substitute of an actual firearms training course.)

Step one is to pick up the firearms by gripping it normally in the shooting hand. The shooter must ensure that he keeps his trigger finger off of and away from the trigger. This is done by placing the trigger finger alongside the frame of the gun. With the shooting hand, the shooter should push the cylinder release button with his thumb of his shooting hand. While pushing this button, the shooter would then push the cylinder out with his two middle fingers of the non-shooting hand. At all times, the shooter must ensure that he is keeping the gun and the front sight pointed down and away from others. Next the shooter loads the cylinder. While looking down into the cylinder, the shooter will ten take six cartridges and load one into each of the six chambers. After filled, the shooter will then push the cylinder back into the frame and lock it into place. Now the cylinder can be pushed back into the frame. The gun can now be fired.

After firing the gun, it must be properly unloaded. To unload the firearm, the shooter will pick up and hold the gun by the grip with his shooting hand, remembering to keep his finger off of the trigger, and the front sight pointed down range. The shooter will push the cylinder release button and remove the cylinder as he did when loading the weapon. Once opened, the shooter then grips the gunstock with his shooting hand and tips it upwards slightly. Then, with the index finger of his non-shooting hand, pushes the extractor rod. Once done the cartridges should fall from the firearm. After the cartridges have fallen from the firearm, the shooter needs to look into the chambers to ensure that all chambers are empty. Once emptied, the cylinder is pushed back into the frame with the palm of the non-shooting hand. With the firearm empty, it can now be stored until the next time it is to be used.

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