Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight

Aims For Removing Firearms From Politics

Front Sight, named for the part of a gun at the end of the barrel used for aiming, is a shooting school unlike anything before or since. Front Sight is a gun school, training more students annually than all other shooting schools in America combined. But this isn’t enough for the owner and founder, Dr. – high attendance is not his objective. Front Sight, Nevada will soon be a fully operational residential community based entirely around firearms and gun training.

Front Sight will be a place unlike any other. First of all, says Piazza, all the citizens will not only be armed, but fully trained. The only way to own one of the one-acre lots at Front Sight, you see, is to buy a lifetime membership to Front Sight. So unless one plans on spending the $350,000 membership fee and not ever get any of the world-class shotgun training, rifle training or handgun training, everyone living in Front Sight, located a short distance outside Las Vegas, Nevada, will be trained and responsible.

When asked in the San Francisco Chronicle that which some critics might ask, but what if someone snaps when the neighborhood kids tear up their prized rose bushes? Piazza said: “If one person decided to commit an act of violence, they may get off one shot. But then they would immediately be stopped by those around them who are armed and trained and who are willing to stop them.

"That's as safe as you can get."

Which is pretty true. If you can rely on your neighbors to have as much, if not more, training than you in firearms, would you ever consider committing a violent crime? Would any criminal ever consider breaking and entering or trying anything in such a place? A town of responsible, trained individuals, wouldn’t that be something?

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