Ignatius Piazza

Firearms Training: Ammunition Safety

Firearms training, as it begins to become steadily more important, also continues to grow arms, or categories of learning. One such category happens to involve ammunition safety. Ammunition, as defined by Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, is an object fired from a gun, or material that may be used in attacking or defending a position. As with all objects involving firearms, ammunition also has rules of safety. No matter what type of gun, you must obey the following rules.

Rule number one, never put the wrong ammunition into the wrong gun. Whether you are involved in rifle training, handgun training, or shotgun training, you must remember to add the correct ammunition to the correct firearm. Failure to do so can cause the firearm in question to misfire or even explode, causing damage to not only the gun, but the user as well.

Rule number two, never play with ammunition. Surely, the founder of the popular website Front Sight, Dr , would agree with this statement. Each piece of ammunition, or cartridge, has a primer. A primer is a cap or tube that has an explosive device that is used in setting off a larger explosive, such as a bullet. If that cap is accidentally hit, whether with a tool or by the cartridge being dropped on the ground, the bullet will fire, even without having been loaded into the gun. Therefore, the rule with handling ammunition, is that ammunition is only handled while loading into a firearm, such as a rifle, shotgun, or handgun, or in the event of storing in a safe place. By following these basic rules regarding ammunition, a person is taking an additional step in practicing firearms safety.

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